Pure Mühlviertel

Explore on of the traditional mills after which our Mühlviertel was named, and bake rolls in the wood stove in accordance with ancient tradition. Afterwards, you will drive on to an organic farm, where old and new work together in perfect harmony.

Bread Baking Workshop

The miller's museum is like a mirror for the difficult life of a miller. To create bread according to established tradition requires dexterity. You can bake your bread rolls in the Mühlviertler wood stove and eat it immediately afterwards.

Köglerhof - Meet-and-Greet the farmer

The agricultural organic business of the Bauernfeind family lives off their earnings entirely, with the help of their affiliated farm restaurant. If the weather is nice, you will go on a hike past spectacles sheep, open land pigs as well as free-range cows and geese. Furthermore, you will climb one of the "Seven Summits" of the Danube, where you can enjoy the view towards the Alps from 685 meters above sea level. After the hike, you will enjoy delicious home-made refreshments like cider, juices, pasties and bacon.

Included Services: bus trip, travel guide, bread baking workshop, hiking trip, tasting of regional products

Period: 26.08.2019

Duration: 3-4 hours

Group size: 50 participants max.  


Are you interested? Please contact us for more information: office@regionuwe.at


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