The forest calls out: bathing in the forest of the Strudengau

Everyone can swim in the lake. But have you ever heard of bathing in the forest? You don't? Then it's time! Waldbaden is a holiday in and with the forest. Every breath in the thicket increases your well-being. Dive into the fascinating green with a guided tour with trainer Michael Haider and sharpen your senses.



  • Feel the forest together
  • Recharge your batteries for body, mind and soul
  • Discover the region's legends, stories and myths
  • Tips for Forest and the Region
  • Experience the country and the people authentically



  • Guided Tour in Waldhausen and its surroundings
  • Exciting information on about bathing in the forest and scientific findings on the beneficial effects of forests
  • Exercise to sharpen the senses
  • Guided meditation
  • Stories and legends about forest and region
  • A piece of forest to take away

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Photos: (c) Waldbaden/Slow Trips Josef Reiter


Adresse: Markt 6, 4391 Waldhausen im Strudengau


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