Picnic at the Danube Beach

Drive with the "dumb barge" to Puchenau and take a stroll among the charming atmosphereof the Garden City designed by Roland Rainer. After a short hike you will enjoy a picnic on theriverbank of the Danube.

Garden City of Puchenau

Look beyond the language of shapes with the help of an architectural expert. The quality of Roland Rainer's designs hold up to this day, as do his contentions with living quality in the field of private house construction.


At the end of this half-day trip you can convince yourself from the idyllic mood of this village at a cozy picnic on the "Festwiese".

Included Services:

travel escort and a guided tour, drive with the "dumb barge", snack and drinks


Are you interested? Please contact us for more information: office@regionuwe.at


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